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About Us

Bamboo Products Direct believes that quality and luxury products should be available at prices everyone can afford. We know that our customers demand products that are made to high-quality standards, and we believe that companies should charge prices that reflect only the costs of what was required to create the product, along with what is necessary for their business to continue to grow and be successful while still being respectful of the customers who support it. Things that we know should not be included in the price of a product however, are overly expensive marketing campaigns, expensive packaging, and huge executive salaries and benefit packages. Companies pay for these through price hikes and quality-cutting, but these are all things that can be eliminated from a companies balance sheet and this is exactly what Bamboo Products Direct set out to do! We started our business with the goal of streamlining the logistics of the retail industry down to the bare minimum of activity required to provide our customers with quality, luxury products without having to spend vast amounts of money on the back-end. It is with this strategy that we hope to continue to grow and develop and successfully provide you with the best products money can buy!

Thank you for your interest and your patronage and we hope you enjoy your new Bamboo Product!


  • Original Bamboo Pillow w/ Shredded Memory Foam Fill
  • 2000 Thread ct. Cotton-Blend Complete Sheet Set w/ Two Pillow Cases
  • 100% Bamboo Sheet Set