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Elevation Solar

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About Us

We believe in a brighter future. Around here, we've dubbed it "Elevating the World We Live In" and we conduct all of our actions as such. It’s our goal to elevate your life throughout your solar experience, so we’re committed and ready to offer our best service and products whenever you need it.

Locked in Savings and Power Rates
Imagine locked-in electricity costs for the next 20+ years. No more spikes or rate hikes, just predictable, affordable power for years to come. That's the benefit of solar ownership — something a lease can never promise.
Our customers average an annual savings between 20-30% off their current utility rates. Immediate annual savings are incredible enough, but multiply those out year after year and you've got long-term financial happiness.

Increased Home Value
At Elevation Solar, we believe our background makes us the best solar option for homeowners. Our founders started this company after decades of success in residential real estate.
Bottom line: We know homes and we care about the humans inside. It's our mission to educate and enable homeowners with all the financial benefits that come with solar.

Elevation Solar's mission is to provide innovative energy solutions that add value to homes and businesses.
Vision: Elevate the World We Live In
Values: Excellence, Team Work, Passion Ownership, Integrity & Results