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Elite Solar Systems

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About Us

Since March 2001, in association with Southwest Metal Spinning, Elite Solar Lighting & Fans has been constant in designing and manufacturing Tubular Skylights and Solar Powered Fans with distinct features for reinforced performance. Owned and managed by a family of metal fabricators, here at Elite we use our time and energy in making these products for you to enjoy free and natural sunlight from sunrise to sunset. For more quality service and superior product, we have joint our experience to make it possible to build our own tooling, manufacture all-aluminum flashing's, trim and decorative ring's, and vacuum form our high impact dome's and diffuser's in-house.

As homeowners, we manufacture our Tubular Skylights and Solar Powered Fans by maintaining quality as a priority. We believe that quality overcomes quantity. Our production is similar to a custom run, adding our personal touch to each component. Our in-house tooling and engineering allows us create truly custom applications for all products we manufacture and therefore, please both our small and large clients. We want the quality of our products to show for itself and to even better represent the company we have built.


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Elite Solar Systems

Tubular Skylights / Solar Attic Fans

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