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To provide the best filter cleaning possible, at a reasonable price that everyone can afford, reband those filters when needed to prolong the filters life, while recycling and conserving all of the water used in the process.
These original four goals of FilterClean have remained unchanged since its inception and have been achieved.
FilterClean spent more than the three years in the design and development of its one-of-a-kind filter cleaning machine. Not only does the unique filter cleaning machine clean the average filter cartridge of 100 square feet in less than 6 minutes, but it also cleans up to six cartridges at the same time.
Rebanding, if needed, is done after cleaning and takes another 15 minutes depending on the number of bands that need replacing.
FilterClean can clean most but not all filters. There are literally hundreds of different filters. The filter cartridge must have at least one open end. The filters must be no more than 20 inches in diameter and cannot be more than 34 inches tall. We encourage each customer to call prior to their first visit or if they have installed a new filtration system since their last visit to FilterClean, to insure that FilterClean, can clean their size and type of filters.


  • Filter Cleaning
  • Filter Re-Branding
  • Pool Filter Sales


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