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Wet Shaving Products

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About Us

We make craft, small batch soap, shaving products, lotions, and balms with natural ingredients for men who want the best and shave against the grain.

We are a daddy-daughter team dedicated to producing American made, high quality, small batch grooming products for men. Okay, Audrey just sits around and looks cute while I do all the real work. But hopefully, she’ll join the family business in a more meaningful way in the future.

Our mission is to improve men's grooming, one person at a time, by offering the best possible grooming products at reasonable prices. We want to turn your daily chore into a daily indulgence. We want you to look your best, smell your best, & feel better by shaving against the grain with WSP.

We want to meet and exceed your expectations. To get you your order as fast as reasonably possible, to answer your questions quickly, and to ensure that you are happy with your purchase.

Our Mission Statement
To improve men's grooming, one person at a time by providing exceptional service.
To provide luxury products at reasonable prices by focusing on efficiency. By doing things correctly, once.
To pay our employees a fair wage for their productivity, we need to make a reasonable profit.
To exceed our customer's expectations by over delivering. By answering emails & voice mails in under 24 hours; by shipping your order within 24 hours whenever possible; and by making sure you are 100% satisfied with your order.

That loyalty provides consistency. We will strive to take care of our most loyal customers; we only ask that you help us by telling your friends and family all about the benefits of wet shaving.

Company History
Before I started WSP, I used to sharpen, restore, & sell straight razors. WSP began in 2011 with the idea of providing a luxury shaving brush without the luxury price. In the beginning WSP was a side business I ran out of the garage. Then I got a storage unit. And lately we've moved into an industrial suite and expanded our product offerings to add safety & straight razors, shaving soaps, cologne, aftershaves, bar soaps, lotions, balms, and beard oil.

Our grooming products are completely made in house. From the research and development of a recipe, to the manufacturing, and even the packaging. Everything is done in America, by nice Americans, because we love what we do. To find out how it's made, click here.

So, stop reading and try my products!

If you're in the Phoenix area, our showroom is open!


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Wet Shaving Products

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