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Main Stage Seminarss

Our free Main Stage seminars blend stunning visuals showcasing cutting-edge advice & practical demonstrations from designers, landscapers, contractors and DIY'ers — there’s something for everyone. See one seminar or see them all! They’re all included in your ticket price, so drop in every day and discover something new. View the daily times and topics below. Located in the Home Arts Building

Friday, January 13th - Sunday, January 15th

11:30 Do-It-Yourself Turf In the Home Arts Building

Mary of Synthetic Grass Store will demonstrate live onstage how you can install your own turf! Learn the tools you need, the steps to take, and what type of turf may be right for your yard. Come and ask Mary all of your turf questions!

12:30 Camping Cuisine Cooking Demonstration In the Home Arts Building

Mary of the popular YOUTUBE channel, RV Cuisine Mary’s Way, will prove that you do not have to compromise on your meals while camping. Join Mary as she makes delicious appetizers and desserts live on stage. Try a sample of these unique treats fresh from the stove!

1:30 House Plant 101 In the Home Arts Building

Cassidy of Casa Plant Club will supply you with the knowledge you need to grow healthy house plants. Bring your questions, and leaf with tips and tricks that will help your plants thrive all year long.

2:30 Deep Dive into Residential Water Filtration Systems In the Home Arts Building

Join Terry Denton of Earthsmarte Water for a deep dive into water filtration technologies. You’ll learn how different systems work and how they affect your hair, skin, and drinking water. Discover the system that is right for you!

3:30 Cold Weather Cooking Demonstration In the Home Arts Building

Jutem of Saladmaster is here to demonstrate how simple and speedy making a fulfilling, crowd-pleasing meal can be. Come watch as Jutem whips up a hearty lasagna and a delicious cake in just an hour. Be sure to stick around for samples!