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Main Stage Seminarss

Our free Main Stage seminars blend stunning visuals showcasing cutting-edge advice & practical demonstrations from designers, landscapers, contractors and DIY'ers — there’s something for everyone. See one seminar or see them all! They’re all included in your ticket price, so drop in every day and discover something new. View the daily times and topics below. Located in the SW Red Zone

Friday - Sunday

11:00am Solar “Panel” In the SW Red Zone

Don’t feel overwhelmed when it comes to solar! We have the leading experts in the industry taking part in a Solar Panel (pun intended!) answering questions to help you feel confident and informed whether in the market for solar or curious about the latest energy and cost saving trends! This panel discussion is the first of its kind at the Home Show! Our Solar panelist will include Nerd Energy, Harmon Electric and Our World Energy.

12:15pm Sherwin Williams In the SW Red Zone

Did you know the color blue encourages efficiency, helps calm the mind and aid concentration? The colors surrounding us have more of an affect then we realize. Find out the current color trends, color meanings and pairings from Sherwin Williams. Learn about color history and color influences on our moods plus other unforgettable facts that will help you decide what color is best for your home, inside and out!

1:15pm Water Systems 101 In the SW Red Zone

An in-depth look at residential water treatment technologies with Master Water Specialist Terry Denton from Earthsmarte Water. Terry will walk us through the water treatment processes public and private. Learn the differences of water treatment processes on a city level vs. at-home treatments. Discuss pros and cons of hard vs. soft water and many more topics!

2:15pm Heat Defense In the SW Red Zone

Heat defense is a main priority for almost every household in Arizona. We have HVAC experts from Horizon Energy here to talk about doubling the life of your AC unit through upkeep and tips, products that can cut energy bills by 50%, how to prevent heat from entering your home through overlooked entrances and so much more! You won’t want to miss this HOT topic!

3:15pm Conquering Chaos In the SW Red Zone

Join this home organization workshop led by space solution experts from ShelfGenie, offering practical strategies, tips and techniques to declutter and streamline your home. Whether you're looking to maximize storage space, reduce stress or simply find anything you're looking for in your home in less than 2 minutes, this workshop will provide a step by step plan towards achieving a well-organized home that will help you find your inner peace.

4:15 DIY Flooring In the SW Red Zone

Choosing the right flooring for your home or business can be a tough decision with so many varieties of flooring available today. ShopSave&Floor will provide information on the various types of flooring, their durability, and install demonstrations. From hardwood to laminate, carpet to vinyl, we will talk about everything you need to know.