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Watching Paint Dry Has Never Been More Fun

Take a seat with The Wall Wizard, 4th generation painter & author of 8 best-selling home improvement books, for his entertaining and hands-on demonstrations. Always interesting and sometimes bizarre, his simple tricks and techniques will help you tackle projects with confidence. Whether it be with paint, paper or fabric he has ideas and the inspiration for you Workshops held in the West Tent

Friday, October 19th - Sunday, October 21st

11:30a & 2:00p Painting Secrets & Painting From The Pantry by The Wall Wizard

As a seasoned interior contractor, chemist and educator, Brian Santos, will walk you through the real science, magic and myths everyone faces when decorating their home.   Painting Secrets will challenge your DIY knowledge about everything you thought you knew about the walls around you. Brian will show you how to use everyday household products such as; Chapstick, Rubber Cement and Saran Wrap to simplify your painting project. Also, learn about the latest “Cool Tools” that will to speed up your painting by 400%. This "Wizard" reveals the secrets of how-to work together and get your project finished right! Don't miss it!

4:30p Quiz The Wiz (Friday & Saturday only) by The Wall Wizard

Brian Santos, "The Wall Wizard", will magically demystify the most common myths, mistakes and misconceptions that everyone has about the surfaces around us. Common DIY questions… Why don’t the colors I choose work in the room? How can I remove mold and mildew without using bleach? How do I repair my water damaged ceiling? What can I do about the stains on my deck? And finally, how can I quickly and easily strip multiple layers of wallpaper off the wall? Well, never fear... The Wall Wizard is here! Brian will reveal the time-tested tips, tricks and techniques that answer and solve these daunting decorating dilemmas.