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Take your company to the next level by being a part of the largest and most attended Home Shows in Arizona. Take advantage of our tremendous advertising campaign and celebrity features to generate new business for your company. With an annual attendance of more than 160,000 qualified homeowners it’s easy to see why the Maricopa County Home Shows are the biggest and best Home Shows in Arizona.

Open QuoteTo be honest, you guys put on the #1 Show of the year. I’m so excited that there are 5 of them!Close Quote

David Dolnick, Solar City

Open QuoteI believe in the success of your Shows and I will always recommend them to clients, no matter where I am!Close Quote

Melissa, Rosie On The House

Open QuoteThank you all at the Maricopa County Home Show. This was our best Show ever. We completely sold out of our entire inventory and that was all done on Friday and Saturday alone.Close Quote

Michael Carroll, Tristar Gas Services

Open QuoteI can with 100% honesty say that no Show has brought us more closed deals than the Maricopa County Home Shows. I wish everyone brought the type of client that is seriously interested in a home project as you guys.Close Quote

David, Solar City

Open QuoteI have personally been doing business with the Maricopa County Home Shows for well over a decade now and will continue to… We always receive quality leads at your events.Close Quote

Travis Young, Logo Studio

Open QuoteWe got thousands of dollars in new sales and it keeps coming in.Close Quote

Dave, Arizona Sliding Door

Open QuoteWe rocked a Maricopa County Home Show new high in sales (gross) at $91,248!! I am truly excited that all our future Shows will stay with this trend!Close Quote

Bill Stark, Energy Windows

Open QuoteWe are so completely sold on how valuable this Show is, that we have already signed up to be a 5-Show vendor. Thank you Home & Garden Show!Close Quote

Don Irwin, Sr. Irwin's Furniture Restoration

Open QuoteThis year we committed to all 5 Shows! We have generated so much business that we had to hire on another full time employee! We picked up the largest residential roof project in our company’s history! It has been an investment that paid off many times over!Close Quote

John Roper, Vertex Roofing