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About Us

Company Commitment to Excellence

American Floor Coatings, LLC (AFC) was established because we are committed to providing our customers with the best the seamless flooring industry has to offer. And where the best is not available, through years of active involvement in research and development, we have made technological advances available to our customers.

As consumers, we all have certain expectations when making a purchase. We expect the very best quality and the very best service our money can buy. At AFC, we are committed to always delivering the best, to honesty and to never cutting corners. Our goal is to provide you with a high performance seamless floor that will be highly functional, beautiful, and long-lasting. Our coatings will bring you satisfaction now and down the road, not headaches.

The following three essentials are critical to successful long-lasting coatings installations:

proper surface preparation
superior products
superior installation methods
The mission of our business is to deliver and excel in these three essentials.

As founders and partners in Pinnacle-Performance Seamless Floor, Inc. Products manufacturing company, we are afforded the opportunity to utilize our passion for all aspects of the seamless floor industry. We are completely committed to research and development, teaching and training, partaking in technologically revolutionizing the rapidly growing seamless floor industry, and ultimately bringing only the best to you, our valued customer.

You truly are our partners in our endeavor. Much of our research and development work is based on you. We listen to what you want, we listen to what you need, we listen to what you would like to have. And what is not technically available at this time becomes one of our R&D goals.

Seamless floors are not just a job for us, they are our passion.

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Superior Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is a priority for AFC. You are making an investment when you purchase a coating. It is our job to assess and meet your flooring needs. A wise, well informed investment is usually your best investment. So, while we always strive to give you exactly what you want, it is our duty and obligation as experts to fully inform you on what will and will not work for your particular application. We view it as our obligation to provide you with the best technical advice we can based on our over 25 years installation expertise, our advanced technical expertise, design experience, R&D expertise and valuable customer feedback.

Don't expect sales gimmicks, false promises, or fancy sales talk with AFC. It is our promise to provide you with only truthful, honest assessments and truthful, honest advice.

We build our business on an excellent reputation, customer referrals and repeat business. We are not interested in selling maintenance contracts to reseal jobs every year. Instead, we rather your coatings investment provide you with years of longevity. Our business has proved the adage that a satisfied customer is a company's best advertisement.

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Unsurpassed Installation Methods

We have been installing seamless floors for over 25 years and have been involved in research and development for over a decade. We have been involved in teaching and training for almost 20 years. There, most definitely, is a right way and a wrong way. We know what works, and what doesn't work.

We have been involved with industrial work for a large portion of our career. Industrial environments customarily demand strict adherence to thorough surface prep, the highest performing product and very sound, best practices installation methods to be a truly long lasting success. Industrial and commercial businesses cannot afford to constantly shut down operations annually to repair, resurface or reseal floors. Therefore, coatings must be high-performance, long lasting, and done right the first time. We, at AFC, believe fulfilling these industrial requirements prove equally desirable for every installation regardless of its nature. Therefore, we approach every job as though it were an industrial job.

Additionally,our installers are hand picked. They are taken through our rigorous training camp program and are expected to perform in a manner consistent with our company mission. No less is expected or tolerated. Education is constantly imparted on our installers to advance their skills and to keep with growing trends and new innovations.

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Custom Installations at Highly Competitive Prices

Because AFC has partnered with Pinnacle-Performance Seamless Floors,Inc. (PPSF) Products, you are working direct with the manufacturer. Because we partner in manufacturing, we can offer you the best industrial grade products and installations at prices highly competitive with competition using far inferior products.

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Options! Options! Options!

Many of our cementitious systems are pigmented on site offering you the benefit of customized color.
Epoxies and urethanes are available in a large palette of standard colors,but can be custom formulated to almost any color you can challenge us with.
Our quartz floors are available in a large spectrum of colors and color blends, but we can create custom blends to suite specialized color needs.
Our chip floors are available in a large spectrum of colors and color blends, but we can create custom blends to suite specialized color needs.
We create and incorporate custom logos, custom artwork, custom designs and borders to suite our customers design needs.


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