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Stop Relying on Fossil Fuels to Power Your Life

The majority of Arizona residents rely on fuels like coal as primary energy sources, yet the supply of fossil fuels is limited, and it’s only getting worse over time. Be proactive by choosing a much more reliable energy source in solar energy and help the environment while you power up. AZ Sun Services will design and install solar panels and systems specifically designed for your property for an efficient and cost-effective energy solution you can trust.

Using energy generated by coal plants emits tens of thousands of tons of emissions every year, but by simply installing one of AZ Sun Services solar systems, you can offset up to 30 tons of carbon dioxide emissions over three decades. Choose the greener way to power your life, get in touch with AZ Sun Services for a free consultation.

Install Solar Panels & Save Money in Phoenix or Tempe, AZ

Solar energy has come a long way over the years, and the technology is at a point now where it can actually cost less to run your home or business using solar power. AZ Sun Services essentially allows you to lease your solar power system, not paying anything up front for installation. You’ll only pay as you go, saving money on monthly electricity bills by eliminating the need for it, and only paying for the energy you actually use. Since AZ Sun Services provides free system installations, and you lock in your monthly usage rates for 25 years, there’s no reason not to use the most environmentally friendly solution for your home. Cut down on electricity usage and have AZ Sun Services switch you over to solar energy.

Why Solar Energy?

Tempe and Phoenix, Arizona are notoriously hot, dry and have a surplus of sunshine. There’s no better place to harness the power of the sun to keep your systems up and running, certainly, but why even consider it? Perhaps because:

• Making the switch to solar energy panels will immediately save you money on electricity bills
• You only pay for the energy you use
• Arizona is one of many states that offers incentives and discounts for those who utilize solar energy
• Installing solar systems on your property will significantly increase its retail value
• You’ll contribute to moving our nation away from dangerous levels of fossil fuel consumption
• Solar energy panels provide a level of security other energy forms can’t
• Solar energy for your home or business will reduce greenhouse gas emissions

There are so many reasons to choose a solar system to power your place, and making the switch has never been easier thanks to advanced technology, an abundance of space to install panels and free solar system installations. Call AZ Sun Services to find the right unit for your home!


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