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Harmon Solar

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About Us

Harmon Solar offers a variety of photovoltaic solar system options so that every home on the block can afford to go solar. From leasing plans to rebates and incentives, find the option that's right for you and add a clean home solar system to your home.

Arizona has more than 300 days of sunshine a year. That means your solar panels will keep generating energy for you throughout the year. Harmon uses panels that meet the highest industry standards and can withstand the intense heat, of an Arizona summer. Harnessing the sun's energy to generate free, clean electricity is just common sense for Arizona home-owners.

At Harmon Solar, our customers have grown to expect the best from our service. Which is why we use top-of-the-line solar equipment from leading manufacturers. Our experts will meet with you to determine your energy needs—and the right solar panels to meet them.

Just as important, Harmon always uses a licensed roofing contractor and a licenced structural engineer to make sure your solar installation is to our highest standards. We aren't required to go to these extremes, but choose to because nothing is more important to Harmon Solar than a satisfied customer.

Did you know you can go solar for $0 down? When you lease with Harmon Solar, you won’t pay for equipment or installation. Instead, you’ll pay a low monthly fee to lease solar panels and enjoy the electricity they generate.

Typically, utility rates increase about 3-5% every year. But when you lease with Harmon Solar, you secure low electricity rates for as long as you have your lease. Plus, the lease includes all repairs and free monitoring software that ensures your system is running smoothly. No wonder leasing is our most popular way to go solar these days.

Harmon Solar offers one-stop service. We’ll oversee your entire project, from the design process to installation to even submitting your permits and rebates. Our Solar experts will meet with you one-on-one to custom design a clean energy solution based on your needs. Structural engineers will complete appropriate analyses, and then our professionals will obtain the necessary building permits to begin work. A licensed roofing contractor will inspect your roof and install the stanchions.

Harmon Solar professional installers boast vast experience and we guarantee satisfaction. Harmon has NABCEP-certified employees, the highest certification available, and of course we use only high-quality solar panels, rails, brackets, etc. And we are proud of our 100% leak-free reputation.


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