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About Us

Leisure Installs is a family-owned and operated company located in Phoenix, Arizona. We specialize in outdoor recreation equipment installation including the assembly, maintenance and relocation of residential playsets, basketball goals and trampolines. We sell Backyard Adventures Playsets, Swing Kingdom Vinyl Playsets, Gorilla® Playsets, AlleyOOP Trampolines, and Goalrilla & Silverback Basketball Goals. Regardless of where you buy we specialize in the “YOU BUY, WE INSTALL” services for many brands and models of do-it-yourself products including gazebos, pergolas, and sheds!

Owners James and Sasha Lewis bring more than 20 years of experience installing residential playsets and backyard structures for families. “We have been building swing sets since our own children were little. Although they are grown now, we have always been focused on ensuring the playsets and play areas are the safest possible for your kids.”

Sasha is an Arizona native and grew up in Kansas City, Missouri where she later met her husband, James Lewis. James grew up on a working farm outside of St. Joseph, Missouri. In a twist of fate, playsets actually brought them together as James worked with Sasha’s brother-in-law! In 2014, the Lewis’ decided to pursue the American dream, moved to Phoenix with their children, and launched Leisure Installs. Since opening, the Lewis family has been passionate about running a residential playset and DIY structure assembly business that helps families focus on what is most important: spending time together.

We all know that 2020 has been a challenging year for small businesses. Thank you for supporting local, small businesses on behalf of our company and many others. With your support, we have been able to sustain operations during the pandemic and are now growing! In August 2020, we hired our first two full-time employees and are expanding more every day. It is our privilege to be your residential playset and structure assembly provider.

Installing family fun!