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Life Guard Imaging

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About Us

Early Detection Changes Lives
Heart disease and cancer are the top two causes of death in America and around the world. These silent killers are taking millions of lives every year because they show no symptoms until it’s too late.

Our mission at Life Guard Imaging is to scan our patients annually through a long-term preventative program.
Our low radiation, high-resolution CT scanner creates 3D images of a patient’s internal organs, aiding in the detection of these deadly diseases before their first symptoms are felt. Early detection saves lives.

For example, breast cancer is the most diagnosed cancer in America, yet it has the highest survival rate. Why? Early detection through annual mammograms.

We’re Here To Help
We bring true awareness to annual health and wellness initiatives. We take the guesswork out of healthcare by providing three-dimensional images for the internal organs of the torso. The data produced by our scans provide information that can’t be captured through basic blood cultures. It aids in detecting abnormalities that could be developing into potentially harmful health issues.

Heart Scan
Our coronary artery calcium scan will detect and quantify calcium in the arteries of your heart, allowing you to know your risk for blockage and a potential life threatening heart attack.
Lung Scan
Our lung scans can detect diseases early, particularly lung cancer while it is small and easily treatable. Nodules as small as 2mm are easily visualized.
Full Body Scan
Our annual full-body scans can uncover abnormalities and changes that occur in the vital organs of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis. As with any illness, early detection is critical.
Virtual Colonoscopy
Our virtual colonography scan is a more thorough, less invasive alternative to the traditional colonoscopy. No anesthesia, dyes, or extensive penetration of a scope.
Changing Lives Through Early Detection


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Life Guard Imaging

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