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July 12-14, 2024
State Farm Stadium
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Southwest Treasures

Phone Number: 602-714-7444

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Capture a piece of Arizona

Southwest Treasures sells one-of-a-kind copper art pieces. Forstandard hanging pieces, 14-20 gage steel is sketched with soap, and then an outline is cut free-hand using a plasma-cutter. Individual or assembled composite pieces are completed by plating them with copper. A heat torch or acid wash on the copper is used to create unique coloration. For the fine art pieces such as panels, plates, bowls, and sconces, a piece of 100% copper is marked using heat torching, acid washing, or a combination of both to produce a variety of unique designs. The final step for most pieces is applying an automotive clear coat to maintain vibrant colors and prevent corrosion. Some pieces are available with a matte copper finish for different artistic tastes. Southwest Treasures sells to individuals, small local businesses, and large businesses alike. Contact for discounts on large orders. Southwest Treasures has been active in the art community in Phoenix for over 15 years and the pieces have been refined over 30 years. Please find the schedule for upcoming shows both local and across the country.

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