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Burglary Protection
Tekna should be your first choice in home protection. Protect against theft and home invasion by having our licensed and trained technicians install a state-of-the-art life safety system today.

P.E.R.S (Personal Emergency Response System)
Support independent, safe living for the seniors in your life.

Fire Protection
Smoke and heat detection are vital to keeping your family and possessions protected in the event of a fire. Fire kills more Americans than all natural disasters combined, so don't wait until it is too late.

You should expect only the best when it comes to your home security system. That is why Tekna uses only preferred partners. With our purchasing power you are able to get the same elite security systems we use in banks, and multi-million dollar estates. The EXACT same equipment. Tekna also has multiple equipment providers. Most security companies deal with only one. We deal with the five best to ensure your system is customized exactly to your satisfaction and requirements. This is unheard of in the industry. We do it because it’s what you should expect.

Video Surveillance
We call it property awareness. Installing a home video surveillance system can deter home break-ins and invasions. Contact Tekna today to install a home video surveillance system and get the peace of mind you deserve.

Wireless Monitoring
No Phone line? No problem. Don't spend extra on an unnecessary phone line and don't let a cut phone line interrupt your security service.

Carbon Monoxide
Sometimes called "the silent killer", Carbon Monoxide is an odorless deadly gas that requires leading-edge technology to notify of it's existence. We have that technology and invite you to talk to us about it's advantages.

Water Sensor
Be alerted to potential water damage. Have you seen all those commercial for flood restoration services? We will warn you before that happens.

Freeze/Heat Sensor
Ideal for homes or units left vacant or unattended for days at a time. Tekna's freeze/heat sensor notification will alert you before the pipe's break from cold or assets are damaged by heat.

Medical Alert
Medical pendants are an ideal solution to place in daycare's, homes with children or any other environment where a medical emergency should be met with an immediate response. Medical pendants operate by dialing 911 for you. Homes with active phone lines will be able to interact with medical personal through a 2-way intercom system, while homes without phone lines will have a wireless signal sent.


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