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Master Gardeners Seminars

Master Gardeners Seminars

Dig into our FREE Master Gardener seminars and demonstrations. Learn how and be inspired to turn your garden dreams into reality. Whether you’re a novice gardener, or a well-seasoned veteran, our Master Gardeners will teach you how to create gracious outdoor living spaces and luscious, sustainable gardens perfect for your family and our desert climate. Chat with the experts and ask all your gardening and landscape questions. View the daily seminar times and topics below. Located in the Greenhouse Plant Pavilion

Friday, January 13th

10:30 Contain Yourself- Container Gardens for Beginners in the Greenhouse Plant Pavilion

Vegetables, herbs, succulents, and flowers can all be grown successfully in containers. Learn what containers, planting mixes, and care your container gardens will need.

12:00 Low Desert Gardening from a Transplanted Gardener in the Greenhouse Plant Pavilion

Struggling to figure out how how to be have a successful garden in the desert? Learn from a transplanted gardener the tips and tricks she learned on her journey to a fruitful garden.

1:30 Gardeners Know all the Dirt in the Greenhouse Plant Pavilion

Get your spring garden off to the right start by preparing your soil. Understand the importance of adding amendments and working the soil when planting non-desert adapted plants, particularly vegetables.

3:00 Totally Tomatoes in the Greenhouse Plant Pavilion

Nothing tastes better than a homegrown tomato. Learn the varieties, care, tips, and tricks for success with tomatoes in our desert.

Saturday, January 14th

10:30 What to do in Your Garden Now January-March in the Greenhouse Plant Pavilion

Learn what you should be doing in your garden and landscape January through March of this year. Master Gardener Beth will walk through what you need to know about plants, pruning, irrigation, herbs, veggies and flowers in the winter.

12:00 Citrus Care in the Greenhouse Plant Pavilion

Fill your kitchen with wonderful citrus from your own yard. Janet will teach you how to select, plant, fertilize, water, and prune your citrus for the best backyard fruit trees.

1:30 Let’s Talk Tomatoes in the Greenhouse Plant Pavilion

Tomatoes can be grown in two seasons in Arizona- Early Spring and Fall. Prepare in the coming months for your early Spring planting. Join us at the Garden Stage to find out the types of tomatoes that grow best in our low desert. Learn how to grow the most fruit with the least number of pests, and pick up some maintenance tips and tricks from an expert!

3:00 Just Grow With It-Starting Your Own Veggie Transplants in the Greenhouse Plant Pavilion

Want to start your very own seedlings for your garden? Learn about how and when to prep your vegetable starts, recipes for planting media, and supplies you will need. Beth will demo live on stage how to plant your very own seed starts.

Sunday, January 15th

10:30 Pruning Backyard Fruit Trees and Care in the Greenhouse Plant Pavilion

Fruit trees can add beauty and provide fruit in years to come. Pruning of deciduous fruit trees is best done now during the dormant season. Laura will also cover fruit tree selection, proper planting, and care that is critical to successful backyard fruit.

12:00 Grow It Again- Gardening with Kitchen Scraps in the Greenhouse Plant Pavilion

Don’t let your vegetable scraps go to waste! Save money and start a kitchen scraps garden. Jackie will show you how.

1:30 How to Grow Tomatoes in the Desert in the Greenhouse Plant Pavilion

Tomatoes planted in February will bear sun-ripened fruit from May through June. Learn how to select and grow tomatoes in our desert climate.

3:00 Herbs Growing in the Greenhouse Plant Pavilion

Imagine picking your very own fresh herbs and admiring their beauty in your yard. Herbs work well in containers, tucked into vegetable gardens, and even as complimentary plants in desert landscapes. This is a great time to plant herbs for seasonal use – Pam will tell you why and how!