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Master Gardeners Seminars

Master Gardeners Seminars

Meet with the friendly University of Arizona's trained Master Gardeners at their FREE seminars specializing in low desert gardening and garden know-how. View the daily times and topics below. Do you have a turfgrass question? Master Gardener & Certified Turfgrass Professional, Sharon Dewey, will be available to answer your questions at the Master Gardener stage Seminars held in the Hacienda Pavilion

Friday, January 11th

10:30 Citrus Selection & Care Debora Moritz

Learn how to fill your kitchen with delicious fruit from your own tree. Topics on how to be successful include: selection, planting, watering, fertilization, pruning & pests. Citrus and Deciduous Fruit supplement available for $5

11:45 Pruning Deciduous Fruit & Nut Trees Debora Moritz

Now is the best time to prune during the dormant season. Discover how to properly prune for healthy trees which is essential for maximizing your fruit yield & maintaining tree size

1:00 Raised Beds & Container Gardening Pam Perry

Containers and raised beds are options for growing seasonal vegetables, herbs & flowers. Find out the basics for determining successful locations, alternatives for filling beds or containers & tips for thriving harvests

2:15 How to Grow Tomatoes in the Desert Pam Perry

A tomato planted in February will bear sun-ripened fruit May through June & perhaps to July. Learn how to select and grow tomatoes in our desert… timing is everything

Saturday, January 12th

10:30 Beautiful Landscapes in Small Spaces Katie Coates

Explore ideas to help create your own oasis in a small space. The key to adding charm & beauty is selecting the right plant for the right place

11:45 Pruning Trees & Shrubs Chris Geldis

January is a great time to trim deciduous trees; February and March are the best times to do heavy cutting back of certain evergreen shrubs & trees. Learn what, when & how to prune properly

1:00 Crazy About Composting Jackie Rich

Transform kitchen & yard waste into compost beneficial for growing most non-native plants. It’s cheap & easy when you know the secrets. Start now to have compost ready for your spring garden

2:15 Successful Container Gardening Kari Spencer

Learn to grow your own food, flowers, bulbs & succulents in containers, the best containers for each type and potting mix recipes plus preparation and care

3:30 How to Grow Tomatoes Emily Heller

Homegrown tomatoes-one of the most prized veggies a garden can produce. Even in the low desert, you can grow your own delicious & juicy tomatoes. Come learn the basic practices. And, get your salad bowls ready

Sunday, January 13th

10:30 Growing Tomatoes Lee Ann Aronson

Learn how to select & grow tomatoes in our desert climate. Solve the most common pest problems; learn the best fertilizing methods, as well as what varieties grow best

11:45 Pollinators in the Desert Lee Ann Aronson

Discover what pollinators are here in the Sonoran Desert, what plants support them, gardening practices to lessen threats and tips for setting up a habit for them to thrive

1:00 Transplanted Gardener Jim MacKenzie

Confessions of a failed desert gardener who later achieved modest success, will share what newcomers need to know about watering, sunlight, temperatures, tree & plant choices, vegetables and the joy of desert-adapted plants

2:15 Spring Pruning and Basic Irrigation Beth Rohlfs

This is an introduction on how to do your own pruning as well as learning how your irrigation works, how long and how often to water to have the healthiest landscaping