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February 23-25, 2024
State Farm Stadium
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Master Gardeners Seminars

Dig into our FREE Master Gardener seminars and demonstrations. Learn how and be inspired to turn your garden dreams into reality. Whether you’re a novice gardener, or a well-seasoned veteran, our Master Gardeners will teach you how to create gracious outdoor living spaces and luscious, sustainable gardens perfect for your family and our desert climate. Chat with the experts and ask all your gardening and landscape questions. View the daily seminar times and topics below. Located in the SE Corner of the Red Zone.

Location: Located in the SE Corner of the Red Zone

Friday, February 23rd

  • 10:30am Desert Trees for the Home Landscape with Katie Coates
    Trees can provide many benefits in your home landscapes, but selecting the right tree for your location is key to providing those benefits and success. Katie will review the wonderful selections of desert adapted trees and how to select the right trees for your space.
  • 12:00pm Pollinator Gardening with Keri Means
    Have you ever wanted to walk out into your yard and observe butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees? Planning your garden spaces can be enjoyable and beautiful when you know what plants and features you need to attract pollinators.
  • 1:30pm Tomatoes with Pam Perry
    Tomatoes planted in February will bear sun-ripened fruit from May through June. Learn how to select and grow tomatoes in our desert climate.
  • 3:00pm Spring Vegetables and Flowers with Helen Baird
    Spring is a wonderful time to get your gardens started. Helen will review the plants and bulbs that you can begin planting in February and March for wonderful harvests and beautiful blooms.

Saturday, February 24th

  • 10:30am Composting with Sherry Rindels-Larson
    Transforming kitchen and yard waste into compost is beneficial for growing most non-native plants. It’s cheap and easy when you know the secrets. Start now to have compost ready for your spring garden!
  • 12:00pm Pruning Trees and Shrubs with Sherry Rindels-Larson
    February and March are the best times to do heavy cutting back of certain evergreen shrubs and trees. Learn what plants can be pruned when and proper pruning techniques for your trees and shrubs.
  • 1:30pm Container Gardening with Laura Ward
    We can plant and harvest something fresh to eat every day of every month here in the low desert! If you are short on space, try growing in containers. Learn the basics of watering, container selection, and planting.
  • 3:00pm Vegetable Gardening 101 with Laura Ward
    There are 10 steps to a successful vegetable garden. Learn how to select your location, consider garden layout, select plants, and know when to plant for our desert climate.

Sunday, February 25th

  • 10:30am Succulents for Small Spaces with Stephanie Halcrow
    Do you live in a small space? Succulents are a perfect choice if you live in an apartment, condo, or recently downsized and want to incorporate plants into your small space. We’ll explore what makes a plant succulent, their geographic origins, and why they are great options for indoor small spaces. You’ll learn all about the light, water, and soil requirements for successfully growing succulents. Make sure to arrive before the class starts to get a raffle ticket and a chance to participate in the hands-on repotting of a succulent. These lucky individuals will get to take home the succulent they repot.
  • 12:00pm Gardeners Know all the Dirt with Bonnie Newhoff
    Get your spring garden off to the right start by preparing your soil. Understand the importance of adding amendments and working the soil when planting non-desert adapted plants, particularly vegetables.
  • 1:30pm Spring Cut Flowers with Beth Reidhead
    Cosmos, Zinnias, and Sunflowers are garden favorites that can go in the spring garden for late spring through summer blooms. Learn about growing these beauties as well as others to create lovely garden spaces and flowers arrangements for your table.
  • 3:00pm When is the Right “Thyme” to Plant Herbs? with Doreen Pollack
    Herbs are beautiful plants, smell wonderful, and can be used in home cooking. The great news is that you don’t need tons of space and can grow your very own herbs. Learn how and when to plant then care for herbs.

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