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Roses Seminars

Roses, Roses, Roses Seminars

The Phoenix Rose Society has a number of consulting Rosarians amongst its membership. They are pledged to sharing their knowledge and experience to help educate the rest of us on growing roses. Feel free to to meet any of these Rosarians with questions or concerns about your roses. Workshops held in the Hacienda Pavilion

Friday, January 11th - Sunday, January 13th

11:30am Selecting Roses

Discover how to select roses by fragrance, color, form, size & type

12:30pm Pruning Roses by Season

Find out in this demonstration the difference between in-season deadheading, fall and winter pruning

1:30pm Planting Bare Root Roses

This demonstration covers planting location, inspecting canes & roots, hole preparation, including soil amendments

2:30pm Monthly Rose Garden Maintenance

Learn a 12-month fertilization schedule, pest & disease identification, pest prevention and watering by season