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July 12-14, 2024
State Farm Stadium
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American Roofing & Waterproofing, LLC

Phone Number: 602-314-4650

About Us

We are a family. That may sound overly colloquial, clichéd or even insincere coming from a roofing company, but ask any of our customers and they will tell you that the connections they make with our people form a strong foundation. We provide the state of Arizona with expert commercial, residential roofing and waterproofing. When we engage with our customers, it’s much more than a business partnership. We recognize that the lifeblood of their companies flows through our veins, and we treat that responsibility with the intimacy and respect that it deserves. Most noticeably, our people are warm, friendly and always there for our extended family. Everything about us is intuitive, streamlined and instinctive, because it was meticulously conceived, designed, and executed to be that way. We’ve made it a point to be the friendliest, most interesting, trustworthy and reliable people you’ll ever meet. Our skilled installers offer only the best materials and quality craftsmanship for every job – no matter the size. When it comes to inspections, repairs or servicing your roof – We Go Over the Top.

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