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Eco Roofing Solutions

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About Us

Led by third generation roofer, Eric Perry, Eco Roofing Solutions has a big vision: To change the way roofing is done in our industry. How do we do this? By implementing environmentally cautious roofing solutions with a centered focus of sustainability in EVERY roofing package.
We take the time to educate our customers of the various options that can be incorporated into their roofing package that will provide more longevity on their roof system, as well as reduce the negative impact on our environment. In addition, every one of the products we offer, provide a return on your investment so they will save you money!
Another way we accomplish this is by hiring for excellence. Every one of our team members are hand picked and share our same core values. We strive to lead by example in our industry when it comes to our principles of sustainability. Educating our customers about their roofing options is a key quality that you can count on with Eco Roofing Solutions.

Eric joined the roofing industry in Arizona in the early 90’s as a kid, at his father’s commercial roofing company in Phoenix. From driving the forklift, to stacking pallets, to organizing the nail shed, to even mopping the floors in the office, Eric pretty much got to hang out with roofers his whole life.
Eric’s career started some years later as a laborer for another company, where his dad handled the operations. After just a few short weeks driving around with his father, learning the ropes, Eric was introduced to the job sites. When he asked his father what to do, JP replied, “whatever the guys tell you to do.” This is where Eric had the opportunity to soak up everything about roofing. After cutting his teeth as a laborer, Eric began installing roofs himself. With the company he worked for really caring about the success of their employees, Eric was able to get certified in many different roof systems and applications. After installing roofs for over a decade, Eric moved on to sales. In sales, Eric excelled due to his extraordinary knowledge of roofing and the technical side of installations. This allowed him to inspect roofs from a different point of view and therefore, he was able to offer various options to suit all of the different needs of his customers.

After selling roofing across the state of Arizona for half a decade, Eric moved on to operations and ran a division for a leading valley restoration company. This allowed Eric to gain experience in yet another area of the roofing business. From selling the job, to ordering materials and scheduling, to overseeing production, to maintaining the quality control standards set forth by Eric, he wore many hats in this role. After nearly half of a decade, it was time to move on to bigger things.

Eric left the restoration company and started his own roofing company, which was a lifelong dream of his. Eric, partnering with the owner of the largest Arizona based solar company, co-founded and launched the roofing company. After years of wearing the same many hats, Eric learned the principles of sustainability. It was here where he was able to really learn and understand all of the different options in roofing that are sustainable and provide a return on the customers investment, as well as help the environment. After continuing his education and obtaining certifications of various sustainable products, Eric decided to take yet another leap and branch off on his own, and thus, Eco Roofing Solutions was born.

Eric maintains the same principles of sustainability and the same vision of changing the way roofing is done in the world by incorporating more of these products into roof packages. Also by educating his customers about everything roofing and everything sustainable. When Eric isn’t inspecting a roof, he is spending time with his wife and five children and enjoying whatever life throws at them. They enjoy camping, going to the beach, riding quads, dirt bikes, motorcycles (pretty much anything with a motor), and watching family movies. When they aren’t doing these things, they are typically volunteering their time at their local church or serving their community. Eric values the importance of family. Let our family help protect yours from Arizona’s harsh weather.


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