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First National Bullion

Phone Number: 855-919-2531

About Us

Take one of the top gold coin companies, adapt it to the specific needs of Web investors, add real-time pricing and a real-time staff, the latest online features, email alerts, secure ordering… and what emerges?

A Boutique Precious Metals Investment Firm With Experienced Professionals
If you would like to consider gold for your long-term financial security, this is your one-stop site. We strive to maintain the greatest live presence on the Web of any gold site. A special staff mans the site from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Pacific time.

So when you need real-time answers to real-world questions, someone will be there on the other side of your screen.

What’s more, we understand that your interest in a Website is in direct proportion to how frequently it’s updated. So we’re committed to updating new information on a daily and weekly basis. That includes updated gold, silver, platinum palladium prices with real-time data 24 hours a day. Plus fresh articles and streaming news. Our site is as alive as you are.

Additional Benefits of Working With Us
Purchasing Bullion
When you know the precious metals you would like to diversify your portfolio with, your next logical step is our “Purchase Bullion” page. It provides you with all the bullion coins and “real-time” pricing you need on the most popular precious metals, right at your fingertips. You can purchase any metal in our store 24 hours a day.

Numismatic Rare Coins
Numismatic coins are one of the timeless inflation-fighting metals choices with a long-term record of profitability. What that adds up to is an extraordinary opportunity, one that can be especially suited for periods of uncertainty. During these turbulent times, it’s nice to know that numismatic gold coins are often “negatively-correlated” to equities. That means they can help you be nicely positioned to help offset some of the losses of a paper portfolio. Check out our informative Numismatic Rare Coins section.

The Retirement Center
Gold and other precious metals can play a vital role in a retirement account. And here’s where you learn about that role. Are you ready to retire? Are you changing jobs and want your retirement to have more flexibility? Do you want to know how to include gold in a retirement plan? We have a myriad of information for a myriad of questions and simple online forms to help get you educated about your Golden IRA questions.

Market Charts
You’ll generally pay good money for a real-time online “ticker tape” services that display real-time gold and silver spot prices. First National Bullion presents charts for 24-hour spot gold, the last thirty days, and more. And we offer the same charts for silver, platinum, and palladium, too. 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Now, you can decide the perfect time for you to enter the exciting precious metals market.

Get Price Notifications
Have you ever missed a major move in precious metals? Those days are past. Now, as a registered member of First National Bullion, we will email you with any price movement “you” choose. Put a price alert on any of the metals that you would like an email on when the price is met and we will immediately inform your email address. You are joining a fraternity of the world’s best informed tangible-asset investors.

Sell Your Coins
Do you already own a gold coin portfolio you want to sell or get prices? First National Bullion will give you an accurate idea of what your gold assets are worth and if you wish, alternative ways to get your best prices when you sell. Should you possess a large collection, we will be happy to visit you and assess the value of your coins on site, at your convenience. Consider us first when you look to liquidate your gold coins. These include consignment and auctions.

Mail Me Free Information
At First National Bullion, we pride ourselves in keeping our investors as informed as possible with the most up-to-date market intelligence. For example, by clicking through to “Mail Me Free Information,” you’ll receive a free copy of our newsletter, Insight. You’ll also receive printed, up-to-date information on precious metals, investment rare coins, and gold-funded retirement accounts — all for free.

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