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Mountain Fresh Water Systems

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About Us

Why Mountain Fresh Water Systems?
Mountain Fresh Water Systems is the oldest and most established water treatment company in the valley still headed by the original owner. We are a fully licensed, bonded and insured Arizona Contractor (ROC # 227840) with a flawless record of never even having had one complaint filed with either the Arizona Registrar of Contractors or the Better Business Bureau.

We pride ourselves on having the best and fastest service available for our customers,at a reasonable price.

Mountain Fresh Water Systems was started in September of 1979 by me, Glenn Buckman. Having grown up in Pennsylvania, I worked in my fathers’ water treatment business doing estimates, service and installation of various types of water treatment equipment dealing with difficult well water problems. My experience includes working with just about every brand of residential and light commercial water conditioning equipment in the industry. Mountain Fresh was always in the top 10 award winning EcoWater Systems dealerships for over 12 years that we were dealers with them.

After leaving EcoWater in 1992, because of progressively worsening quality and supply issues, I came to realize that most water systems, brand name or otherwise, use many of the same components. Big name brand names such as Culligan, Rayne,Hauge,Rainsoft, and Ionics use Fleck control valves. The Krystal Pure, AdvantaPure and Technetic 1000, use Autotrol control valves. Watertec uses a Clack control. In fact, about 85% of all water softeners and conditioners use either a Clack, Fleck or Autotrol control valve, on top of either a Structural Fibers or Empress pressure vessel, filled with cation resin made by Dow Chemical, Sybron (Ionac), Diamond Shamrock, Rohm & Haus or Purolite. The same concept holds true for Reverse Osmosis Systems using Filmtec or Desal membranes, Amtrol accumulator tanks, Amteck filter housings and Omnipure or Cuno Filters.

Now, this does not mean all water systems are all the same. Certainly, some companies use much better components than others and will cost more. Those products being made for the discount stores (i.e. Lowes, Home Depot, Spencers, Ace Hardware, ect.) will use much cheaper components than a real water dealer in order to keep their price low. However, it is my experience that there are only 2 reasons why any water systems dealer would charge from $3,000 up to as much as $5,000…either sloppy, antiquated marketing practices…or greed.

Our goal of Mountain Fresh Water Systems is to bring sensible pricing to the water treatment industry, without sacrificing quality or performance, while still maintaining the highest standards of excellence in service and installation.

This is my personal commitment to you, my current and future customers.

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