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Senor Mist

Phone Number: 480-418-0798

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Our team consists of personable, detailed professional people who are experts in transforming your back yard area into the most comfortable environment. We take the time to discuss and walk the project with our customers and ask the questions that should be asked to ensure that we not only get a better understand of their specific needs but to ensure we meet and exceed their expectations.

Señor Mist was started with a passion to provide the best products and services to both Commercial/Industrial and Residential clients. Our background includes manufacturing and distribution sales. As our name would imply we started our business providing high pressure mist and fog solutions however, as time went on we recognized a true need for additional comfort during the cooler months thus the decision to add an electric heating solution.

After exploring the available solutions in the market place we had decided to focus our efforts on electric radiant heaters, specifically a company known as Infratech. We felt that electric radiant heaters were the correct solution long term for us. Other products include both patio drop shades and rolling security shutters. As business owners our interest in helping protect our environment is a major concern and as such we continually look for ways to use and recycle products, the mere fact that our supply partners use recycled material wherever possible is a contributing factor to our goal. Señor Mist is furthering our product offering to include Bistro lighting for patios and our newest product offering, Enviro-North Systems, Inc. Offering energy efficient HVLS (high volume, low speed), Turbines and curtains.

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