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Master Gardeners Seminars

Master Gardeners Seminars

Meet with the friendly University of Arizona's trained Master Gardeners at their FREE seminars specializing in low desert gardening and garden know-how. View the daily times and topics below. Do you have a turfgrass question? Master Gardener & Certified Turfgrass Professional, Sharon Dewey, will be available to answer your questions at the Master Gardener stage Seminars held in the White Building

Friday, April 27th

10:30 Citrus Selection & Care Debora Moritz

Learn how to grow citrus successfully to fill your kitchen with delicious fruit. Topics will include selection, planting, fertilizing, watering, pruning, pests, diseases & nutrient deficiencies. Citrus and Deciduous Fruit Special Supplement available for $5

11:45 Agaves, Aloes & More Debora Moritz

Discover the huge array of alternatives provided by succulents, planting preferences & care to keep them growing. See stunning easy-to-grow plants that adapt well to our desert. Handout included

1:00 Beautiful Landscapes in Small Katie Coates

Explore ideas to help create your own oasis in a small or unappealing space. The key to success is selecting the right plant for the right place…plants that will thrive there. Handout included

2:15 Successful Container Gardening Kari Spencer

Learn how to grow your own flowers, bulbs, succulents and food in containers, the best for each, potting mix recipes, prep & transplanting. You will also learn about proper watering, feeding & care for your plants. Handout included

Saturday, April 28th

10:30 What to do in Your Garden May–Sept Pam Perry

Find out the short, to-do list on what can be done now to reap the benefits in October, the season for planting vegetables. Handout included

11:45 Growing Herbs Donna Lorch

Learn how to select herbs, prep your soil, plant & maintain along with successfully growing in pots. Samples of herbs will also be available to touch & taste. The Low Desert Herb Gardening Handbook available for $10

1:00 The Basics of Composting Pam Perry

Composting recycles nutrients & yard waste bringing the garden full cycle. Learn the basics, how to reduce contribution to the waste stream & create the ultimate “black gold” soil gardeners dream of. Handout included

2:15 How to Water Wisely Bonnie Newhoff

This class will teach you easy-to-learn tips to properly water the plants & grass in your yard and the simplicity of watering by the “1-2-3 rule” to have healthy, beautiful plants. Handout is included. Soil moisture probes available for $20

3:30 Turfgrass Spring Green-Up Sharon Dewey

When spring comes to the desert, it’s time to help wake up your dormant grass & transition to bermudagrass. Topics on how to have a healthy, vibrant summer lawn include: efficient watering, proper mowing, fertilizing, dethatching, aerating & other tips. Handout included

Sunday, April 29th

10:30 How to Get Rid of Bermudagrass Sharon Dewey

Are you tired of mowing or want to reduce the size of your lawn? Find out why now is the best & easiest time to start treatment for eliminating bermudagrass, when it’s actively growing. Handout included

11:45 Spring Rose Care Helen Baird

Get the secrets for growing beautiful roses for a colorful bloom in your yard. Topics will include improving the soil, watering, fertilizing, pruning, as well as identifying beneficial bugs. See photos that will help you identify these helpful little bugs. 50 Common Insects of the Southwest available for $10

1:00 The Magic of Desert Adapted Plants Linda McCabe

Discover the beauty of our desert and appreciate the magic of these amazing plants plus what to choose for your landscape & how to make these plants thrive. Handout included

2:15 Spring Pruning & Basic Irrigation Beth Rohlfs

Learn in this introduction how to do your own pruning as well as the interworking of your irrigation system, how long and often to water plants & grass. Handout included, soil probes available for $20