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Master Gardeners Seminars

Master Gardeners Seminars

Meet with the friendly University of Arizona's trained Master Gardeners at their FREE seminars specializing in low desert gardening and garden know-how. View the daily times and topics below. Do you have a turfgrass question? Master Gardener & Certified Turfgrass Professional, Sharon Dewey, will be available to answer your questions at the Master Gardener stage Seminars held in the SE Corner of the Show

Friday, July 13th

10:30 Citrus Care with Debora Moritz

Learn the best practices for success with citrus including selection, watering, fertilizing, pruning & pests. The Asian citrus psyllid & citrus greening disease will also be discussed. Citrus and Deciduous Fruit Special UA Supplement available for $5

11:45 Crazy about Composting with Jackie Rich

Transform kitchen & yard waste into compost beneficial for growing most non-native plants. It’s cheap & easy when you know the secrets. Start now to be ready for your fall garden.

1:00 Summer Rose Care & Pests with Helen Baird

Are your roses looking frazzled this summer? Learn practical, how-to tips on maximizing a fall bloom. In addition, get to know the common bugs & diseases, how to recognize and manage the good from bad plus prevention treatments.

2:15 Landscape Watering: What Every Homeowner Must Know with Jackie Rich

Learn the best watering practices plus practical advice on selecting and placing plants plus watering to increase plant health & beauty.

Saturday, July 14th

10:30 Summertime Vegetable Gardening with Pam Perry

Find out how spending a little time on just a few tasks during the summer reaps the benefits of monsoon planting in October. With Pam’s short “to do list”, gardens will have soil & compost ready for starting those wonderful fall veggies.

11:45 Less Stress Gardening with Lee Ann Aronson

Learn how to prevent injury to your back and knees while maintaining good health with three special types of gardening.

1:00 Monsoon Vegetable Planting: October Harvest Prep with Pam Perry

Humidity, storms, wind, perhaps even rain make the idea of monsoon planting seem unfavorable! However, for the fearless gardener who ventures out to plant a few seeds or transplants, fall kicks in with wonderful rewards. Learn the tricks of the planting calendar to make your fall rich in fresh produce.

2:15 Basic Pruning & Monsoon Tree Prep with Chris Geldis

Discover the basics of how trees should be pruned for maximum health, resistance to wind breakage & minimum maintenance. You should know these basics whether you do your own yard work or hire someone to do it.

3:30 Summer Lawn Care with Sharon Dewey

Learn the best practices for Bermuda grass lawn care including a schedule of what-to-do-when. Topics include: watering, fertilizing, mowing, dethatching & aerating.

Sunday, July 15th

10:30 Monsoon Season: A Time to Plant with Emily Heller

When the monsoon season returns this summer, rainfall & higher humidity creates a gardening opportunity. Learn what grows under these challenging conditions & create a beautiful, seasonally appropriate garden.

11:45 Agaves, Aloes & More with Debora Moritz

Discover the huge variety of succulents available & where to place them in your landscape. Plus, see striking plants that are easy to grow & are well adapted to our desert.

1:00 Composting Made Easy with Bonnie Newhoff

Bring your garden full circle by recycling nutrients & yard waste. Learn composting basics, how to reduce your impact to the waste stream & generate the “black gold” gardeners pay money for. Start now to have compost ready for your fall garden.

2:15 Irrigation System Basics & Desert Watering with Beth Rohlfs

Gain an understanding of the pieces, parts & components of a typical irrigation system plus learn how to adjust watering to have healthy plants and trees all summer long.