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Master Gardeners Seminars

Master Gardeners Seminars

Meet with the friendly University of Arizona's trained Master Gardeners at their FREE seminars specializing in low desert gardening and garden know-how. View the daily times and topics below. Do you have a turfgrass question? Master Gardener & Certified Turfgrass Professional, Sharon Dewey, will be available to answer your questions at the Master Gardener stage Seminars held in the Hacienda pavilion

Friday, January 12th

10:30 Citrus Selection & Care Debora Moritz

Learn how to fill your kitchen with delicious fruit from your own backyard. Topics on how to be successful include selection, planting, watering, fertilization, pruning & pest management. Citrus and Deciduous Fruit supplement available for $5

11:45 Pruning Deciduous Fruit & Nut Trees Debora Moritz

Now is the time to prune during the dormant season. Learn how to properly prune which is essential to get the best fruit, to maintain tree size & for healthy trees

1:00 Plant Selection, Planting & Initial Care Cathy Rymer

Are you frustrated with your landscape? You are not alone. Come learn how to choose plants that flourish here, proper planting techniques, initial care and how to keep them happy & healthy. Pests & diseases will also be covered. Handout included

2:15 Pruning Shrubs & Trees Cathy Rymer

This easy-to-understand presentation will cover reasons to prune, general rules to keep your plants healthy & looking great, specific techniques and common mistakes

Saturday, January 13th

10:30 How to Grow Tomatoes in the Desert Pam Perry

A tomato planted in February will bear sun-ripened fruit May through June & perhaps into July. Learn how to select & grow tomatoes in our desert

11:45 Inviting Pollinators & Beneficial Insects to the Vegetable Garden Pam Perry

Learn how planting flowers, herbs & vegetables and managing seasonal changes can increase pollinating and beneficial insect activity in vegetable gardens as well as providing flowers for cutting

1:00 Colorful Plants That Attract Pollinators Gail Morris

Would you like to see hummingbirds, butterflies & other pollinators in your yard? Come & learn the importance of pollinators, how to create a year round blooming habitat & maintain the plants using the best pruning and watering strategies to give the most bloom. Handouts included

2:15 Composting Made Easy Bonnie Newhoff

Bring your garden full circle by recycling nutrients & yard waste. Learn the basics of composting, how to reduce your contribution to the waste stream & how to generate the “black gold” gardeners pay money for

3:30 The Transplanted Gardener Jim MacKenzie

Confessions of a failed non-native desert gardener who later achieved success from lessons learned from over 30 years of gardening. Discover what newcomers to desert gardening need to know about watering, sunlight, temperatures, plant, tree & shrub choice, vegetables and the joy of the desert-adapted plants. Handouts included

Sunday, January 14th

10:30 Citrus Selection and Care Emily Heller

This seminar will cover selection, planting, watering, fertilization, pruning & pest management. Citrus and Deciduous Fruit supplement available for $5

11:45 Spring Vegetable Gardening Lee Ann Aronson

This seminar will help you learn how to prepare the soil & plant your spring garden. Handout included

1:00 Growing Tomatoes Lee Ann Aronson

Learn how to select & grow tomatoes in our desert climate. Solve the most common pest problems; learn the best fertilizing methods, as well as what varieties grow best. Handout included

2:15 Spring Pruning and Basic Irrigation Beth Rohlfs

This is an introduction on how to do your own pruning as well as learning how your irrigation works, how long & how often to water